Why property is more pricey in Zim than SA

The country’s upscale properties are still being sold at record prices pegged at millions of dollars, making them more expensive compared to those located in South Africa’s most exclusive suburbs due to Zimbabwe’s informalised property market, experts have said. Read More

Property Rights Key To Civil Service Housing Scheme

Banks have warned that the success of the ambitious national civil servants housing scheme will, like that of its predecessor, the fast-track land reform, depend on recipients affording the requisite collateral to access loans. Read More

“The Realty Of Real Estate – How To Understand Property”

Property in its various forms, designs and uses is the corner stone of everything that we do. Whether in the form of a house, high rise building or a simple piece of land its important role in our lies cannot be over emphasised. What really is property? Is it the brick and mortar that is an integral part of our daily existence? Is it the land where we carry out all our activities? The question remains “what is property.” Read More

How Trump's Win Affects Zimbabwean Real Estate

With a new President elected how is the "New World Leader" Donald Trump affect real estate Property for sale and Houses to Rent in Zimbabwe??? Read More

Deceased Estates

Options That Property Owners and Their Beneficiaries Need to Discuss If a person has immoveable property registered in their personal name when they pass, their Estate will be subject to the following costs: Read More

Capital Gains Tax & ZIMRA Interviews

Not all sellers and buyers are aware that they have to attend a ZIMRA interview to get Capital Gains Tax clearance before a property can be transferred from a seller to a buyer. Read More

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains tax is by definition the tax on any gain on a capital investment, such as property or shares in a company. In Zimbabwe, Capital Gains Tax calculations are a bit more complicated due to the hyper-inflationary environment pre 2009. There are in fact two different ways of calculating the tax due on the sale of immovable property or shares in a company which owns a property based on purchase date. I personally believe that these two types of tax calculation should have different names, so that one is better able to understand which tax one is talking about. So, for ease of understanding, I am going to rename them myself. Read More


What are they? Can we get one in Zimbabwe? How to we get one? Common questions you might have if you are considering purchasing a property. Most Zimbabweans would tell you that there are no mortgage facilities and if you happen to find one the interest rate is so high that it will cripple you financially. Read More

The 5 Worst Real Estate Investments You Can Make

Real estate investments can be a great way to make some BIG money but they can also be a fast way to lose your shirt. There are many things to consider if you are an investor including potential cash flow, monthly payments, resale value and property taxes. When determining what your next investment will be, consider these dangers to avoid. Read More

How to beat sellers' stress

Three things are certain in life: death, taxes ... and undue stress caused by moving. Whether or not you use the services of a Realtor to help you wade through the uncertain waters of the buy-and-sell process, moving is stressful, period. And there's not much you can do to avoid it. And we're not just talking about packing and paperwork. Moving is an emotional process. Read More

Your Showing Beyond The Basics

Cleaning is perhaps the most crucial part of a successful showing. When communicating the value and uniqueness of your home, dirty clothes in the laundry room and stains in the carpet will cut you off at the knees every time. However, while most people think to clean a property and remove clutter from areas of the house, there are some ways that a seller can go the extra mile to interest a potential buyer. Read More

Five Real Estate Investment Tips

There are countless tips on real estate investing available and this is by no means intended as a comprehensive list. While every investment has its own intricacies and problems that need to be worked out, there are some very basic aspects that are common to most investment properties. Understanding those aspects and asking questions about them can help you determine whether a particular real estate investment opportunity is for you. Read More

Property Values In The Spotlight

Understanding How It Works Puts You In A Better Position To Negotiate. When a property is placed on the market, deciding on its ‘fair market value’ could rapidly become a point of contention between seller and agent. But understanding how agents determine this value and exactly what adds value to a property puts sellers in a better position to negotiate. Read More

Should your real estate business be on social media

There is no denying the power of social media for your business, with some businesses finding more success using these platforms than any other traditional mediums. The real estate industry is one of those perfectly suited to social media, since the renting, purchasing and selling of property can be quite an emotional process for some. Social media provides a way to connect with your local clients and groups and boost your real estate marketing efforts, since it provides trust and word of mouth marketing. Read More

Steps when selling residential property with title deeds

THE steps below are meant to assist property sellers and purchasers once the parties intend to enter into a sell agreement for a property with title deeds. Read More

Professional Estate Agencies Merge

As part of its business plan to expand Pam Golding Properties’ potential in this country, it is merging with Donavans Property Consultants. “In due course we intend to extend our world-class service to Bulawayo, Gweru, Mutare and Victoria Falls,” says Juliet Harris, area principal and managing director of Pam Golding Properties Zimbabwe. Read More

The Dangers of Overpricing Your Property by Page Properties

All Sellers want the best possible price for their property, but the goal when one puts one’s property on the market is to sell it. Simple. The only, and I repeat, only reason a property does not sell within the first 2 months of listing is because it is overpriced! Sellers the world over have told their agents, Read More

Strategies for selling residential properties

Given so many “for sale” properties on the market, successfully selling your property takes more than just a listing in the properties for sale pages of the most circulating dailies. Happenings in the estate agent sector confirm that property selling is not as easy as it looks. According to the Estate Agent’s Council Read More

The art of property negotiation – an estate agent’s perspective

An estate agent’s business among other things is to make a property seller and buyer or landlord and tenant reach an agreement. On most occasions, the seller or landlord want a lot more than the buyer or tenant can offer, or are offering. Thus an estate agent’s job in this respect is to negotiate a settlement because in essence they are a peacemaker, especially where parties are agitated. The agent as always will be the main focus of most blame should things go wrong and the deal collapses. Read More

Residential real estate investment - the intelligent mind

Residential Real Estate Investment (RREI) gives you the chance to be creative, to find a niche where competition does not have an edge over you in terms of knowledge, better contracts, strong ties or a deeper skill set. That being the case there is no one particular path to success that is applicable to everyone. That kind of thinking is false in a number of ways Read More

Is Real Estate The Next Big Thing In Zimbabwe?

If the glimmers of improvement in once depressed real estate markets suggest something larger, then a long-term rebound may be getting underway mainly supported by the expected growth in real estate markets for the next 10-15 years. Though it’s quite early to make bold predictions about the rebound, positive developments have been noted in the sector fully supporting the notion. However, the growth largely depends on the successful commencement of the lined up projects, a stable macroeconomic and political environment together with the will of investors to continuously invest in the sector. Read More

Property prices Slashed

PROPERTY prices for some properties have been reduced by between 20% to 30% of the pre-2012 economic boom era and a “buyers” market has been created whereby the buyers set the price of the properties, an official from Real Institute of Zimbabwe (REIZ) has said. Read More

Expounding the Valuation Matrix In a Liquidity Crunch Economy

On the 27th of March 2015, the Real Estate Institute of Zimbabwe members and other real estate market players converged at The Seminar was held under the theme “EXPOUNDING THE VALUATION MATRIX IN A LIQUIDITY CRUNCH ECONOMY”The theme was derived and motivated by the rising challenges that the market is facing in carrying out property valuations in the wake of liquidity crisis which is looming in the country. Read More

Liquidity crunch bleeds real estate

With the Zimbabwean economy reeling from macro-economic challenges such as the current liquidity crunch and hostile investment policies, companies are shutting down with thousands of workers losing their jobs at an alarming rate. Read More

Information on selling a property - DonaVans

Do your sums….Sellers are responsible for Capital Gains Tax and Agent’s commission (Donavans charge 5% plus VAT of 15% of the gross purchase price), outstanding bond etc or any money you owe on the property. Donavans will be able to help you in greater details on your individual anticipated expenses. Read More

Information on purchasing a property - DonaVans

Please be advised that a signed Offer Letter is IRREVOCABLE. Therefore, should the Seller accept your offer within the stipulated time frame, this offer will become legal and binding and will form the basis of the Agreement of Sale. Read More

Preparing property for sale - DonaVans

It has often been said that “Buyers buy on emotion” – it’s true! So what should the Seller do in order to get the best possible price and a quicker sale? It will take some effort but be worth every penny and a lot more besides! Read More

Advice for Landlords - Page Properties

As we all know the economy in Zimbabwe is far from healthy. In fact more and more people are not making ends meet. This is reflected by the number of company closures, rental defaults, and homeschooling that is now a preferable option over mainstream schools. Read More

Top 10 Tips for Selling Your Home - Page Properties

The housing market is a tough industry for the uninitiated. Here are some tips for getting the best price for your house and selling it before it becomes stale! Read More

To post an article here please contact us.

To post an article here please contact us. Read More

5 best real estate tips - Page Properties

Just in case my readers haven’t realized it yet, I am passionate about Real Estate. I read about it, watch shows about it, dream about it, and constantly think about it! So with all the information I have gleaned over the years, I have come up with the 5 best real estate tips I have ever read or been given. Read More

Commission, tax and what it all means - Page Properties

In the last few weeks, all Registered Estate Agents received a directive from our governing body, the Estate Agents Council, instructing us on when we could receive commission and when commission is deemed to have been earned. Read More

Remittance of Funds - Page Properties

In Zimbabwe, it seems that our Exchange Control laws change constantly. When we first dollarized in 2009, money was allowed to flow in and out of the country with very few restrictions. This has changed recently, and the most common concern is the legalities of remitting funds to other countries. Hopefully, the following information will answer this question for you. Read More