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2267 Lifestyle Estate Fine Living

Owning a quality home is every Zimbabweans dream today. However, new developments like 2267 Lifestyle Estate aim to expand options for Zimbabweans living abroad and local buyers. Located in Glenlorne, Harare, 2267 offers premium apartments with an eco-friendly focus. While prices are high for average Zimbabweans, the project targets those in the diaspora who earn in foreign currency. It provides solutions and modern options for home seekers

Seeking modern housing options for Diaspora 

2267 provides quality apartments that families in the diaspora can purchase. Units range from 1-3 bedrooms with prices starting under $150,000. While costly for local wages, it's affordable for incomes earned abroad. For the diaspora, 2267 offers modern amenities and safety unavailable elsewhere. 

Along with nice homes, buyers in the diaspora also want stability. 2267 management handles security, maintenance and operations for the whole estate. This reduces stress and burdens for overseas owners. The result is desirable housing with services that the diaspora buyers demand.

Local Buyers Still Face Hurdles

While 2267 expects strong sales from the diaspora, local buyers face more challenges. 2267 does aim to expand local ownership through a new 10-year mortgage plan. Cash purchases remain the only option for most locals given lending realities. Until the mortgage market stabilizes, local sales will be limited.

Setting Standards for Green Building

Despite economic problems, 2267 demonstrates that quality housing is still possible in Zimbabwe. The estate minimizes electricity and maintenance costs through green features. Solar power systems, double-glazed windows and electric heating/cooling increase efficiency.

The apartments utilize premium finishes and appliances as well. Prices are high but reflect both quality construction and eco-friendly design. 2267 proves that sustainability does not mean sacrificing performance or luxury.

Progress with greener living 

Projects like 2267 Lifestyle Estate move the needle on housing despite market challenges. Sales from the diaspora keep development viable and attract foreign currency. And sustainable features like solar power reduce demands on the unreliable grid.

 While 2267 raises standards of housing developments. It serves a high-end niche but also sets an example for greener, more efficient housing. Steps like these point towards progress for Zimbabwe real estate.