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The Snowball Effect 

"A situation in which something increases in size or importance at a faster and faster rate."

Propertybook Pvt Ltd's roots stem back to 2006 as a community formed group with the aim of assisting our friends and families to find accommodation to rent in Harare, Zimbabwe. Our membership grew rapidly leading to a required expansion of our groups to include sales in and around Harare then further more to cover the whole of Zimbabwe. We are now the fastest growing real estate community in the country that allows you, our friends, families and neighbours a place to go to assist one another in finding homes and business premises, a place to gather information and have your questions answered, a place to discuss current real estate topics and share thoughts.

By 2014, after 9 years of injected time and money we realised the start of our dream, to build a website that could begin assisting the sector in a more official capacity which brings us to today, being an official business where we can now dedicate our time and resources and become more pro-active in assisting our community.

This unstoppable snowball effect will only continue to gain momentum and as our community grows from strength to strength.

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