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About Us

Our Story

Propertybook’s roots stem back to 2006, which is the year that Harare Rentals was born. Harare Rentals is a Facebook community group that was formed with the intention of helping friends and family find houses to rent in Harare. As our membership grew, we saw the need for additional groups within Harare, which expanded exponentially to include neighbouring towns and eventually cross-border communities. Currently we manage 93 property groups on Facebook in Zimbabwe alone.

In 2014, after 9 years of running property groups on Facebook, we decided to take a leap of faith and build our flagship website, At that time, not only were users looking for an easier, more convenient way to search for properties, but the agents were also longing for an effective, professional portal to advertise and sell their properties. We have never looked back on our decision and as a result have gained trust from both our users and estate agents in Zimbabwe.

In February 2020, our Harare Rooms for Rent Facebook group grew to over 80,000 members, showing us there was a need to follow in Propertybook’s footsteps and create a Rooms website. Since its launch, has dominated the low end rentals market, providing a free listing platform for agents as well as individuals.

After the success of we decided to explore other markets in Zimbabwe and on the 5th of January 2021 we launched Propertybook Cloud, which is an easy, safe and reliable platform that allows you to efficiently manage your property listings online. In addition to this we launched 4 additional websites including,, as well as, all of which offer unique services to the property market within Zimbabwe.

We are now the largest, and still the fastest growing, real estate community in the country, providing a range of different services across the property sector. We cover it all; from offering real estate advice to providing access to thousands of properties for rent and sale in Zimbabwe.

Institutions We Work With: