Deeds Office Temporarily Closed
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Deeds Office Temporarily Closed

We have already written an article on the Harare Deeds Office and how it’s important to the property industry in general. In case you somehow missed it you should know that the Zimbabwe Deeds Office is a crucial institution that is responsible for recording, managing, and regulating property transactions in the country. The office maintains a database of property ownership and transfers, ensuring that all property transactions are legally compliant and transparent. Here are some reasons why the Deeds Office is important:

  • Legal Compliance: The Deeds Office ensures that all property transactions are legally compliant, protecting both the buyer and the seller from fraudulent activity.

  • Property Transfers: The Deeds Office regulates property transfers, ensuring that all transfers are conducted in a fair and transparent manner.

Despite its importance, the Deeds Office has recently come under scrutiny following reports that it has temporarily stopped issuing copies due to a shortage of copier toner. This has left many property owners and buyers in limbo, unable to access crucial documents that are required for property transactions.

However, there is hope on the horizon. The government is currently working on digitising the Deeds Office, which will partially solve many of the current problems. Digitisation will ensure that all property transactions are conducted in a more efficient and transparent manner, reducing the risk of fraud and corruption. Importantly it means that there will be less need for ink and toner.

Digitisation will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Deeds Office. For instance, the Deeds office can decentralise, allowing for more efficient service delivery and reducing the workload on the main offices in Harare and Bulawayo. Digitisation would enable this process.