Development Company EMH Fraud
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Development Company EMH Fraud

If you are a long-time reader of our blog you are aware of how we constantly advise people to be careful when buying a property. There is a good reason, buying or selling a stand is a complicated legal process and often there are unscrupulous individuals and entities that might let you down or even deliberately scam you. A company called Enhancing Mortgaging and Housing Company (EMH) is in hot water following allegations that it has been selling stands without the proper documentation. 

According to reports, EMH signed an agreement with New Century Production to service the land in Harare South. As payment, EMH was to be given some stands after being issued with a compliance certificate. However, it has been revealed that EMH went ahead and sold stands to home seekers without proper documentation.

This has left numerous home seekers in a difficult position, with many claiming that they were unaware that EMH did not have the proper documentation for selling them the stands. Some only found out after they had already paid for the stands. A director from New Century Production, who wished to remain anonymous, said they had received several reports of home seekers being defrauded by EMH.

“We are urging all the victims to report such thieves to the police rather than coming to us lodging complaints,” the director of New Century Production is reported to have said in response to the issue..

This is not the first time that EMH has come under scrutiny. Last year, a Harare home seeker, Courage Mateta, sued EMH after allegedly being defrauded of money paid for a residential stand. Mateta paid approximately US$3,000 to EMH in November 2018, with the assurance that the payment would guarantee him the allocation of a residential stand.

EMH has yet to comment on the allegations.

While the news of EMH's alleged misconduct is concerning, it is important to note that there are many other reputable property development companies in Zimbabwe that are committed to providing quality and affordable housing to Zimbabweans.