Exploring Investment Options Outside Harare
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Exploring Investment Options Outside Harare

As the demand for homes in Harare continues to rise, many individuals, particularly younger individuals with limited savings and informal employment, face challenges in purchasing homes in the city. However, there are alternative investment opportunities available in small towns near Harare that offer more affordable property options.


One town worth considering is Bindura, a university town located near Harare. Bindura is experiencing growth due to the presence of the university and other local industries. An interesting investment opportunity in Bindura is Arcadia Manors, a gated community offering residential clusters and commercial stands for sale.


Arcadia Manors is designed to blend with the natural surroundings of Bindura and offers properties starting from USD $20,000. Developed by Arcadia Manors and supported by Bell & Ballard Advisory, a trusted property developer, the project aims to provide affordable housing options in Bindura.

Advantages of Investing in Small Towns Near Harare


Affordable Prices: Property prices in small towns are generally lower compared to those in Harare, making it more accessible for individuals with limited financial resources to invest in real estate.


Opportunities for Growth: Small towns often present untapped potential for growth and development, offering investors the opportunity to benefit from future appreciation in property values.


Diversification: Investing in small towns allows investors to diversify their property portfolios beyond the confines of Harare, reducing their exposure to risks associated with a single market.


Rental Income: With the growing population in small towns, there is an increasing demand for rental properties, providing investors with opportunities to generate steady rental income.


Community Lifestyle: Small towns offer a more relaxed and community-oriented lifestyle compared to the hustle and bustle of city living in Harare, appealing to individuals seeking a quieter environment.


Convenient Location: Many small towns near Harare have easy access to schools, hospitals, and shops, making them a convenient place to live for residents. Bindura is just about 25km away from the new Parliament Building in Mount Hampden

Government Support: The government may implement development initiatives and infrastructure projects in small towns, further enhancing their attractiveness as investment destinations.


Investing in small towns near Harare presents investors with an opportunity to capitalize on affordability, growth potential, and diversification benefits. However, it's essential to research the market and make informed decisions before investing.

Investing in small towns like Bindura allows individuals to diversify their investments beyond Harare. Projects like Arcadia Manors offer affordable options for people looking to invest in Zimbabwe's small towns.


To learn more about and other new developments, visit the developer-focused site  New Developments here; individuals can find detailed information about available properties, prices, and contact details for further inquiries.


Exploring investment opportunities in small towns like Bindura presents a viable option for individuals looking to diversify their property portfolios beyond the confines of Harare. Projects like Arcadia Manors offer affordable and attractive investment options, helping individuals navigate the real estate market in Zimbabwe's growing small towns.