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Future Living in Open Spaces​

A Slice of Paradise Living Sustainably Off-the-grid in Open Spaces

Imagine living off the grid in open spaces, cozy days and nights by the roaring fire and cooking in a kitchen while experiencing one of the most breathtaking views in the world. If that sounds like your kind of living then you are up for a treat with Roar Pod Homes.

Ushering this Italian architectural design fully customized and sustainably off-the-grid modular 130m2 two bedroom family home which has natural beauty that incredibly integrates with nature. The harmony between architecture and nature was the guiding principle in this fabricated beautiful home which consists of adjoining 'pods' built around three key elements 'Live, Sleep and Play' - providing modern simple living based on sustainable design principles. Every aspect of the house was positioned to maximize views and preserve as much of the natural surroundings as possible - the natural dam, mountain peaks, rock formations, flora and fauna.

Stunning views also can be seen from your bedroom watching the beautiful sunrise in the morning. A breath of fresh air awakens your senses when you open the windows and sliding doors which have been placed on both sides of the house allowing the awesome view of seeing through it.

The surrounding stone terraces (built from the rocks on the plot) embed the house in a spectacular setting. In addition to this, the water for this house comes from an epic mountain spring. With an excellent septic tank for waste management and all grey water from the shower and bath goes into a botanical garden.

When it rains the rain water is harvested and feeds all the surrounding planted boxes, and solar energy is used for both hot water and electricity to power the whole house.

We apply the same principles whether it is a house or a camp / lodge. You are most welcome to talk to us for your next project in your special piece of paradise.

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