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Gweru to get a new suburb too.
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Gweru to get a new suburb too.

In a couple of previous articles, we wrote about the housing crisis in Zimbabwe’s urban areas. To their credit, it seems Zimbabwe’s local and national authorities are aware of the problem. Already there are several projects in the works including turning Epworth into a city, and a new suburb in Bulawayo and now it seems the city of Gweru is also set to get a new suburb. The new suburb will not be named Mkoba something as most of Gweru’s suburbs are. This one will be named Randolph.

The new suburb which will be located near the Daylesford, Nehosho and Fletcher areas will boast an impressive 1 812 stands and will be implemented in two phases. Phase one of the project will make available 456 stands. This phase began way back in 2007 so it is not clear why stands are being made available now. Phase two of the project began in 2021 and will make available 1 356 stands. 

According to Gweru City Council public relations officer, Vimbai Chingwaramusee stands for both projects have already been sold out. This is not surprising as Gweru has a housing waiting list of 34 280 people. While 1 800 stands from the new suburb are no doubt impressive, they are a drop in the ocean compared to the soaring demand for stands. Gweru’s public relations officer also said that the servicing of stands had already begun with water and sewer reticulation services being installed.

While a huge waiting list usually means steep prices for those who wish to get a stand it also means that stands and other properties can be viewed as an advantageous investment when it comes to holding and selling them at a future date as you can buy low and sell for a profit at a later date.

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