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Harare Council Issues 2,000 Summonses for Unpaid Debts

The City of Harare has taken legal action by issuing 2,000 summons to ratepayers as part of its efforts to recover outstanding debts. In a statement, the council appeals to all delinquent ratepayers to settle their arrears promptly to avoid potential litigation and associated inconveniences.

According to the statement, the City's Finance Department has initiated the legal process to reclaim these debts, with 2,000 summonses already issued to ratepayers.

The litigation procedure commences with final demands, which are sent after clients fail to respond to previous requests for payment. Ratepayers are given a 14-day period to respond to the final demands. If no response is received, the council proceeds to issue summons via the Messenger of Court.

The summons grant ratepayers another 14-day timeframe to make payment. In the event of no response, warrants and writs of execution may be issued to seize property. Although the City of Harare prefers amicable resolution, the high number of debtors (over 50 percent) who have gone unpaid for more than six months has left the council with no alternative.

The local authority have had their own share of challenges recently with most of its buildings dilapidating. The authority emphasizes its willingness to accommodate residents by offering payment plans and exploring potential set-offs to settle the debts.

Ratepayers are strongly encouraged to visit the council's offices and engage in negotiations for payment plans through various available platforms.