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How to buy a stand in Zimbabwe
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How to buy a stand in Zimbabwe


In most people’s minds buying a stand is not very different from buying another asset or even a commodity like bread. You wake up in the morning, go into the relevant shop, ask for the item, it is handed to you and becomes yours in exchange for you paying the agreed fee. Here at Propertybook, we have worked so hard to make the experience as close to this as possible but unfortunately even with all that effort buying a stand is still not as easy as buying a loaf of bread although it is close to the experience of buying a car perhaps.


When buying a stand-in Zimbabwe there are several things you need to consider:

  • What you are looking for in your stand. This can be things like the size of the stand, the location of your stand in terms of town or even suburb, ownership type, whether the stand is serviced or not and the physical features of the stand.
  • The financing plan you have.

There are other factors but these two are the main ones. They can be the factors that will determine whether you cry or celebrate once the whole buying a stand process is complete. Every horror story you hear about buying a stand-in Zimbabwe hinges on these two.


How to buy a stand in Zimbabwe

I am always telling people this but it bears repeating. If you want to buy a stand hassle-free in Zimbabwe you need to avoid responding to Facebook and WhatsApp agents. There are a lot of good agents on these platforms too but most of them are sadly not qualified and while they may save you a lot of money during the purchase process when things go wrong as they often do in cases where immovable property is involved they will leave you exposed.


Sites like Propertybook have an extensive list of rural, urban and growth points. All you need to do is to visit our site and browse through our available stands catalogue. You can use our powerful filters to factor in things you want into the search process. For example, you can enter the town or suburb you want, enter the minimum and maximum amount of money you want to spend and even the size of the stand you want in square meters. You can rest easy knowing that all the properties on the site are listed by a qualified, EAC registered agent with the proper credentials. If things go wrong as they sometimes do these agents can use their professional knowledge to solve whatever issues crop up.


As already said in most cases most people buying a stand are doing this for the first time. This means that they often lack the knowledge of what the process entails and the legalities, tricks and frauds they can encounter. This is where most of the horror stories come from. If you use a site like ours you can bask in the hand holding that is offered.


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