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Hyatt Regency Launches in Zimbabwe
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Hyatt Regency Launches in Zimbabwe

The entry of the Hyatt Regency brand into Zimbabwe's tourism industry has marked a significant milestone for the country. In a re-branding ceremony officiated by President Mnangagwa on Monday, the Meikles hotel was unveiled as Hyatt Regency the Meikles.

The President, upon his arrival at the hotel, took a tour of the newly refurbished facilities and was thoroughly impressed, describing them as fantastic. The refurbishment was carried out after the Meikles Hotel was acquired by Albwardy, a company with a portfolio of international hotels. The first phase of the refurbishment has already been completed with a total investment of US$30 million directed towards the project.

The President highlighted the growing confidence in Zimbabwe's tourism industry, citing a 34% increase in tourism arrivals in the previous year. The entry of the Hyatt brand further attests to the trust and belief that people have in Zimbabwe. It is a testament to the country's ongoing journey of modernization, industrialization, and development.

The President emphasized that the arrival of Hyatt Regency will significantly contribute to the goal of achieving a US$4 billion tourism economy by 2025 and align with the national vision of becoming a prosperous and empowered upper middle-income society by 2030.

The timing of this development is especially noteworthy as Zimbabwe is preparing to host the SADC summit in August, and the newly-refurbished Hyatt Regency Harare hotel has been deemed suitable to accommodate the attending delegates. This endorsement further solidifies the pride of the government and the nation in being associated with the Hyatt brand and its exceptional facilities.

With a 24% increase in tourist arrivals, Zimbabwe remains committed to enhancing its tourism infrastructure and facilities. The continuous efforts reflect the country's dedication to providing an improved experience for tourists and promoting the growth of the tourism sector.