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Keeping The House Warm This Winter
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Keeping The House Warm This Winter

Even though winters in Zimbabwe are mild compared to other countries, temperatures dropping to around 5 degrees Celsius can feel quite chilly. It is important to invest in ways to keep the home warm and comfortable during the colder months. Proper heating and insulation can make all the difference in creating a cozy living space. 

In this article, we'll explore tips for keeping warm in Zimbabwean homes when temperatures dip.

Insulate Windows and Doors

One of the easiest ways to retain heat in a home is to insulate windows and doors. Cold air can seep in through any cracks or openings, causing rooms to feel drafty and chilled. Installing weatherstripping around windows and doors creates a tight seal that keeps warm air inside. For added insulation, hang thick curtains over windows which provide an extra barrier against cold air. Making sure doors close tightly and sealing any gaps around the edges with caulking will also help minimise heat loss.

Use Rugs and Throws

Cold floors can make a room feel icy, even when the air temperature is reasonable. Laying down area rugs helps to insulate floors and keep feet warm. Throws and blankets add another layer of warmth when curled up on the couch. Use materials like wool or cotton which provide better insulation than synthetics.

Seal Off Unused Rooms 

If there are rooms in the home which are unused or rarely occupied in winter, seal them off as much as possible. Close vents, shut doors tightly and insulate windows. This prevents any heating from escaping into unused areas. Focus on keeping the most occupied living spaces cozy and comfortable.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

On sunny winter days, make sure to open all curtains and blinds to let natural light warm up the home. Sunlight streaming in through windows can raise the temperature in rooms by several degrees. Close everything up at dusk to trap the heat gained during the day.

Use Area and Space Heaters Strategically  

For particularly cold rooms, portable space heaters can be an affordable solution. Focus on heating only occupied spaces rather than trying to warm the entire home. Turn off space heaters when leaving a room to prevent energy waste. Never leave portable heaters unattended or while sleeping due to fire risk.

Fireplaces and Wood Burning Stoves

On especially cold nights, a fireplace or wood stove can make a home feel extra cozy. The radiant heat warms up the room nicely. Be sure to have a smoke and carbon monoxide detector installed nearby and never leave a fire unattended. Properly dried, seasoned wood will burn cleaner and more efficiently as well. 

Cook Up Warming Meals and Beverages

On frigid days, cooking up stews, soups, roasts or casseroles helps to warm up the whole household. The oven puts off ambient heat while also providing comfort food. Hot tea and cocoa also do wonders for taking off the chill.

Invest in Quality Heating Systems

For long-term comfort, invest in quality heating systems tailored to Zimbabwe's climate. Heat pumps provide efficient heating and cooling adjustable for seasonal changes. Hydronic radiant floor heating is an excellent option which evenly heats without drying out the air. Consult heating professionals to determine the most cost-effective and efficient system for your home.

With proper insulation, sealing and heating tactics, Zimbabwean households can stay comfortably warm even as temperatures drop. Following these tips will help retain heat and create a cosy escape from winter chills. Don't forget to invest in warm clothes and socks, enjoy  making your home a warm sanctuary this season. Keep warm and stay cozy!