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Meyrick Park Cluster houses Commissioned
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Meyrick Park Cluster houses Commissioned

In a significant stride towards addressing the housing shortage in Zimbabwe's urban areas, particularly Harare, a cluster of 26 houses has been commissioned in Meyrick Park. This development, funded by Stanbic Bank and executed by Troika Design Workshop and Turnbury Property Developers, highlights the crucial role of public-private partnerships in national development. The completion of these houses serves as a testament to the collaborative efforts required to increase the housing stock in urban areas throughout the country.

The Housing Shortage in Zimbabwe:

Last year, the government's survey highlighted the pressing issue of a housing shortage in Zimbabwe's urban areas, particularly in Harare, where a significant portion of the population relies on renting. The scarcity of available houses, coupled with soaring prices, has made homeownership a distant dream for many, largely due to the limited availability of mortgage facilities. Against this backdrop, the commissioning of these 26 cluster houses offers a glimmer of hope for those seeking affordable housing solutions.

The Significance of Public-Private Partnerships:

Mr. Simanga Madhlabuta, a shareholder and partner at Troika Design Workshop, emphasizes the importance of public-private partnerships in achieving the nation's development goals. Recognizing the symbiotic relationship between the government and the business sector, Mr. Madhlabuta highlights the need for collaboration to address the housing deficit and contribute to the broader objectives of the economy. 

Government Support and Commitment:

Troika Design Workshop and Turnbury Property Developers have received support from the Ministry of National Housing and the Construction Industry Federation of Zimbabwe, showcasing the government's commitment to facilitating private sector involvement in housing development. By providing a conducive environment for private players, the government aims to ensure the successful implementation of construction and infrastructure projects that improve the lives of citizens.

Future Plans for Housing Development:

Looking ahead, Mr. Madhlabuta reveals that an additional 150 cluster houses will be commissioned in Harare by June next year. This ambitious plan demonstrates the determination of private developers to contribute to helping the country meet its housing target of providing affordable and quality settlements in both urban and rural areas, granting citizens access to housing and essential social amenities.

The commissioning of 26 cluster houses in Harare signifies a notable step towards addressing the housing shortage that plagues Zimbabwe's urban areas, particularly Harare. The collaboration between Troika Design Workshop, Turnbury Property Developers, and Stanbic Bank, along with the support of government institutions, showcases the significance of public-private partnerships in realizing national development objectives. As the private sector continues to play a vital role in housing development, it is hoped that these initiatives will contribute to the alleviation of the housing crisis, providing affordable and quality settlements for the people of Zimbabwe.