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Say Hello to our Propertybook App!
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Say Hello to our Propertybook App!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Propertybook App, now available on both Android and iOS devices. This innovative app is designed to streamline the property search process, providing an efficient and user-friendly platform for all your real estate needs in Zimbabwe.

Why Propertybook?

Propertybook has been a trusted name in the Zimbabwean real estate market for years. Originating from the successful Facebook community group, Harare Rentals, we expanded our services to include various towns and cross-border communities. Our flagship website,, launched in 2014, has been a cornerstone in connecting property seekers with agents, offering a professional portal for property listings. Now, with the Propertybook App, we are taking this experience to the next level.

The app offers an extensive database of properties for sale and rent, catering to various needs and budgets. Whether you are looking for a family home, a rental apartment, or commercial space, Propertybook has you covered.

The app's intuitive design ensures a seamless browsing experience. With easy navigation and advanced search filters, users can quickly find properties that match their specific criteria.

Stay up-to-date with the latest property listings and market trends. The app provides real-time notifications, ensuring you never miss out on new opportunities. Push notifications to alert our users about new property listings, price changes, or other relevant updates, helping to keep them engaged and informed in real-time.

Why It Was Needed

The launch of the Propertybook App complements our existing website, addressing the demand for a more streamlined property search. Many users prefer an app to avoid wading through fragmented online listings. Traditional methods, such as newspaper ads and scattered websites, can be inefficient and time-consuming. Our app consolidates all property listings into one accessible platform, simplifying the search process and helping users find their ideal property without the hassle of navigating multiple sources.

The app offers a one-stop solution for Property Seekers to browse, compare, and shortlist properties. The comprehensive search filters allow users to narrow down options based on location, price, property type, and more. Real-time updates ensure that users are always aware of the latest listings, helping them make informed decisions swiftly.

The app provides a powerful tool for Real Estate Agents to reach a wider audience. Agents can list properties, manage inquiries, and track engagement as. This enhances their visibility and enhances their visibility and streamlines their workflow, making it easier to manage multiple listings and client interactions. For Property Owners, the app offers a straightforward platform to list properties for sale or rent. Owners are guaranteed to get potential buyers or tenants, reducing the need for intermediaries and speeding up the transaction process.

A Look at the App

The Propertybook App features a vibrant, engaging design with an intuitive layout. From the main screen, users can access a variety of functions, including registering your profile to our system, property search, your marked favourite properties, Agent search and many other functions. The app also includes an option for registered agents and homeowners to list their properties on the App and Website, providing additional insights into properties and agents.

The Propertybook App is set to transform the property search experience in Zimbabwe. By providing a comprehensive, user-friendly platform, it meets the needs of property seekers, real estate agents, and property owners alike. Download the Propertybook App today on Google Play or the App Store, and take the first step towards finding your perfect property.

Explore the Propertybook App now and experience the future of real estate in Zimbabwe!

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