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Say Hello to ZimAuto
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Say Hello to ZimAuto

For years, Propertybook has been the trusted website for all things real estate in Zimbabwe. Our experience in connecting home buyers and sellers has made Propertybook a go-to resource for those looking to find their perfect home. Now, we are taking our expertise in online real estate and applying it to the car market with the launch of our new vehicle website - ZimAuto! 

ZimAuto joins the Propertybook group as our specialized online platform for buying and selling cars across Zimbabwe. Just as Propertybook simplified the real estate search, ZimAuto strives to make finding your ideal vehicle easy and efficient. 

At Propertybook, we've spent years building our brand and servicing Zimbabwe's real estate needs online. From this journey, we've developed a considerable skill set in creating user-friendly property platforms that bring the right buyers and sellers together. We will leverage this knowledge and experience in the development and growth of ZimAuto.

We believe that with the latest tools and technology, the process of buying and selling cars should be simple! The days of flipping through newspaper classifieds and visiting dealership after dealership should be long gone. ZimAuto offers a modern solution and our mission is to become the leading digital marketplace for vehicle sales. 

On ZimAuto, car dealers and owners can create simple, free standard listings to sell their vehicles. Paid features are also available to give your car more visibility across the site. We have thousands of monthly visitors coming to our network, we will direct high-quality traffic to ZimAuto listings. For buyers, ZimAuto makes the search easy. Filter through makes, models, years, prices and more to find your ideal car. Contact sellers directly through the site once you spot a vehicle you like. 

At Propertybook, our success has been built on a foundation of exceptional customer service. We aim to bring this same level of service to the ZimAuto platform. Our team will be on hand to help both buyers and sellers through every step of the digital process.

As car ownership continues to rise across Zimbabwe, the demand for an online marketplace like ZimAuto will only grow. With increasing internet access and comfort with digital transactions, the time is right for our entry into online auto sales. 

We are excited for the launch of ZimAuto and the opportunity to connect even more Zimbabweans to their perfect vehicles. ZimAuto applies our team's enthusiasm for great online service and platforms now into the automotive space. 

For those who have found their dream home through Propertybook, ZimAuto may just help you find the car to park in the driveway! We can't wait for you to explore the site and see how we are translating our expertise into this new vertical.

Visit and see how our vision is becoming a reality. Happy searching for your next car!