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TV Wall Decor Ideas
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TV Wall Decor Ideas

So, you have finally decided to place your new flat screen on the wall,  but now you have a problem. You see, it might be cool and trendy to have  your TV on the wall, but you now need to think about decorating around a  tv when the flat screen itself becomes the dominant feature. In other  words, how do you make sure that your TV wall decor compliments things  rather than either fading into the background or becoming too dominant?

Going Plain.

First, you could decide to keep things plain and simple and this is  especially good if you are not only going for the large screen TV, but  also a speaker system. Mount everything on the wall with chrome  finishing’s and then think about a single colour on the wall to make it  really stand out. Consider adding a mount for your DVD player as well  just to complete the look.

Add A Large Floral Pattern.

Think about using this as a feature wall and decorate it as such by  using a large floral pattern wallpaper whilst the other walls in the room  are kept plain. Make sure that the wallpaper that you use is dark and  offers a contrast with the other walls. One other thing to consider is  to have the colour of the wallpaper lighter if the mounts are dark or  vice versa.

Creating A Border Around The TV.

In order to add some depth to the wall consider using colour to add a  border around the TV. One option is to add a dark colour as the border  with a lighter colour making up the rest of the wall as this will give  some extra perspective and just help the wall to come alive. You may  wish to use the large floral pattern idea instead of one solid colour,  but due to the space that you will be using be careful not to go too big  or the pattern will begin to really dominate.

Those are just three main options that are available to you when you  are thinking about decorating around a TV. As you can see, there are  various ways in which you can take these ideas and adapt them to fit your  own individual needs. There is no doubt that with some simple decor you  can not only create one amazing wall, but finish off the entire lounge  in a stylish and very modern way.