WestProp Unveils The Hills Luxury Golf Estate: Harare's Premier Gated Community!
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WestProp Unveils The Hills Luxury Golf Estate: Harare's Premier Gated Community!

WESTPROP is expanding its portfolio of gated community developments with the launch of the Hills Lifestyle Golf Estate, capitalizing on the growing trend in Harare for secure and exclusive residential estates. Gated communities offer controlled entrances and perimeter walls or fences to enhance security and foster a sense of pride and belonging. These communities often have constitutions and guidelines that dictate appropriate behavior for residents and specify levies for the maintenance of communal amenities.

WestProp Holdings is at the forefront of providing mixed-use luxury gated communities that cater to the desires and aspirations of residents seeking entry into these exclusive estates. The Hills Lifestyle Golf Estate represents the latest addition to their collection of gated communities. This live, work, shop, and play community will incorporate various tourism elements, attracting visitors who wish to indulge in unparalleled golfing experiences, luxurious accommodations, and other provided activities.

Recently, WestProp unveiled a state-of-the-art gatehouse valued at US$500,000 in Millennium Heights, an exclusive development by WestProp Holdings. Prior to that, two gatehouses were commissioned in Pokugara and Pomona City. Dr. Michael Louis, Chairman of WestProp, emphasized the significance of gated and walled communities, drawing parallels with their prevalence in South Africa, where he resides. He highlighted the enhanced security and confidence that gated communities provide to residents and assured that WestProp is dedicated to ensuring the safety of those investing in their developments.

Mr. Ken Sharpe, the CEO of WestProp, highlighted the distinguishing features of the company's gated communities. In addition to the standard security measures, WestProp's developments include shopping malls, office spaces, clubhouses, recreational facilities, and restaurants. A gated community, characterized by restricted access through physical barriers, offers residents exclusive access to these amenities. Mr. Sharpe emphasized WestProp's commitment to excellence, which is demonstrated by their established gated communities, and this ethos continues to guide their future endeavors.