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Zimbuild Sets Up New Base in Harare
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Zimbuild Sets Up New Base in Harare

Zimbuild, one of Zimbabwe's leading property development firms, has opened its new headquarters in the capital city of Harare. The new office marks a major milestone for the company as it continues its rapid expansion across the country.

Founded in the city of Gweru, Zimbuild has quickly established itself as a dominant player in Zimbabwe's booming construction industry. The company is known for its high-quality housing developments, commercial buildings, hotels, shopping malls, and other large-scale projects. Over the past decade, Zimbuild has spread its footprint far beyond its home region, taking on major construction projects in cities like Bulawayo, Hwange, Victoria Falls, and now Harare.

According to Zimbuild founder and CEO Dr. Tinashe Manzungu, establishing a Harare headquarters had long been a strategic priority for the firm. He said that as the capital and largest city in Zimbabwe, Harare was home to many of their clients and partners. Having a base there would allow them to be closer to key decision-makers and collaborate more seamlessly on projects across the region.

The new Harare office would serve as Zimbuild's national headquarters, housing its executive team and providing a centralized hub for company operations. After an extensive search, Zimbuild purchased and renovated a 6-story commercial building in Harare's central business district to serve as the headquarters.

Dr. Manzungu explained that they had taken their time finding just the right location and space for their new Harare office. He said they had wanted a modern, inspiring environment that reflected Zimbuild's bold vision and dynamic culture. He added that their team had done a fantastic job turning the building into their ideal headquarters.

Zimbuild's 150 Harare employees had already begun transitioning into the 30,000-square-foot office space. The company planned to grow the Harare team rapidly in the coming years, aided by the abundance of young engineering and construction talent coming out of the city's universities.

In designing the new office, Zimbuild had prioritized open, collaborative workspaces and innovative technological capabilities, much like its other hubs around the country. Dr. Manzungu noted that the company's employee-focused culture and energetic work environment had been critical to Zimbuild's success thus far.

He remarked that their people were everything. By giving their teams room to innovate and providing exceptional facilities and resources, they empowered them to do their best work. This inspired creativity and productivity, which translated directly to the quality of service they could provide to clients.

According to Dr. Manzungu, establishing deep local roots in Harare would enable Zimbuild to better partner with the city's communities and contractors. The company aimed to source over 60% of workers for its Harare projects from the direct region.

He said they were investing in Harare for the long-haul, not just establishing a satellite office. Their new headquarters would allow them to become an even stronger contributor to Zimbabwe's incredible economic growth story.

Apart from strengthening Zimbuild's operations and market position, the Harare hub would provide increased opportunities for ambitious construction and engineering professionals. The company was currently hiring across departments and actively recruiting Harare's promising young talent.

As it settled into its new headquarters, Zimbuild was also looking ahead to a robust project pipeline in Harare and surrounding areas. Zimbuild had been recently tapped to build a new mixed-use development in central Harare, consisting of luxury apartments, retail units and offices. The company also had plans for a large master-planned housing community outside the city.

Dr. Manzungu also had this to say, "This is truly an exhilarating time for Zimbuild. Our new Harare headquarters brings us one step closer to our vision of being Zimbabwe's most reputable and recognized property developer. We look forward to growing from this fantastic location as we continue building the homes, offices, hotels and infrastructure that enable Zimbabwe's success."