Why the rebrand?

Evolving business cultures require that businesses adapt. Propertybook is evolving and so we are adapting. To ensure we remain Zimbabwe’s leading property portal we need to provide the best possible user experience, as well as a world-class service to estate agents. We believe one way of achieving this goal is to rebrand.

We have made great effort to rally our brand and to advance our services to users and estate agents. Our aim with the rebrand is to strengthen your trust in Propertybook as the leading property portal in Zimbabwe.

Our New Look

New Icon

A Touch of Orange

Orange is a very strong and energetic colour which represents the energy that the Propertybook team emulates. Orange is very attention-grabbing while making one feel a sense of vitality and happiness; these are the feelings we want our users to experience when searching for their new home.

New Icon

Brighter Blue

Our brighter blue invokes a sense of trust and loyalty, which represents the relationship we have with our agents, as well as the trust we wish to retain with our users. The colour blue represents strength; it symbolizes our climb in the last 5 years to becoming Zimbabwe’s leading property portal.