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Give Your Property A Facelift Before Facing The Market

The conundrum. You know you’re selling, but should you renovate first to  reach a higher price? Very often designer detailing drives the deal.

Remodelling can add value to your property before you sell, fetching  you a higher price before you move onto the next project. There are  things to consider though. Finding the right people to work with while  renovating is key and can go a long way in eliminating the stress of the  design lift. You want to achieve adding more value than you spend when  creating a luxury living space.

When doing minor decorative improvements to your property before  putting it on the market, ensure that they are neutral and easy on the  eye, thus appealing to all possible tastes.

The truth is that grand designs allure discerning buyers and  attention to detail changes the perception of the home, the apartment  block and can even distract from a more average area. Buyers are drawn  in by detailing such as luxury taps, modern baths and premium tiling and  can attribute great value to minutia when making the purchasing  decision. Minor upgrades go a long way in getting people through the  door, essential when time on the market is a key consideration in  fetching your final price.

Refurbishing can be the way to go with regard to many older  properties as first impressions are always critical to home-seekers, so  alterations that add to the overall appeal and marketability of the home  are to be encouraged. These could include simply giving your home a  good lick of paint through to adding a well-placed swimming pool. Small,  sophisticated changes can make big impacts and create the feeling of  opulence.

Signature front door. Your first point of contact with the buying  world begins here. Make it a good first impression. Bright, bold or  subtle – your front door makes a statement.

Bespoke kitchen. The heart of the home and often focal point. Re-face  the cupboard doors whilst retaining the solid older shell. Fresh coat.  Use a high-quality paint, in a trending design colour, but keep it  neutral so that buyers can envision their own details. Leave walls  uncluttered and inspire buyer imagination.

bathroom tiles and taps. Transform this into a serene space. Tranquil  bathrooms maximize natural light and mirror retreat-like relaxation.

Cultivate the perfect climate. Consider adding air-conditioning,  skylights or larger windows in rooms that are poorly illuminated.

Create a lavish landscape and harness the power of surface  adjustments over structural changes if your aim is to sell quickly. You  should skip basement changes, adding decking or knocking walls down.  These major fixes can be pricier, take longer and your buyer may not  miss them.